In the field of Applied Kinesiology (AK) we test supplements on the body. At any given moment hundreds of possible supplements can test strong for you. Supplements do not all have the same quality ingredients, so Nutrition Response Testing / AK are wonderful tool to make sure you take supplements that actually test strong to the body rather then ones that test weak.

But are these supplements really solving anything? We’ve all seen the pictures of Lyme patients and their supplements, bathtubs and suitcases full of them, just to keep feeling ok. Obviously it is good that patients are feeling better, but spending thousands of dollars on supplements that don’t really solve the problem is not a solution in our opinion. The same counts for any western medication that is not healing the cause of your disease, but makes you life long dependent on medication. When the treatments are discontinued, the symptoms typically recur.  So we are dealing with a system that addresses the symptoms and not necessarily the underlying root cause of the issue at hand.

We strongly believe that for every problem out there there HAS to be a solution. God would not make a world without answers! The beauty of applied kinesiology (AK) is that once you start developing your skill set, you can find the answer to ANY question. You can dig deeper to find the answer to any question!
For us finding answers is not just simply testing yes or no, prayer and spiritual work is involved. We strongly feel that through prayer and meditation, it is like the world slowly opens up to you and more and more answers become available to you. Things you maybe did not see in the past.

And with that principle in mind we started searching for the answers and ingredients in our protocols. So let’s say a client tests strong for thyroid supplements and a whole bunch of other Lyme supplements. Then we test the client for our protocol, and all the supplements that were testing strong before, are now all of a sudden not testing strong anymore. This means that we got ourselves out of the supplement loop. We are not treating the Lyme symptoms (thyroid issues, muscle pain, stomach pain etc), but instead we are attacking the different lyme bacteria that cause the Lyme symptoms.

Partially due to the large % of patients that get misdiagnosed, unfortunately many long term lyme patients have doctors treat their symptoms, rather than addressing the real issue, which is the lyme disease.

When you have an appointment, we can go over all the supplements you are taking, and see which ones we can start eliminating once your protocols are done!! Send us an email or PM to schedule your telehealth consultation!

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