Pets / Animals

Often our services are sought out because an animal can no longer tolerate medications, the medicine is losing its efficacy or the patient is a high risk candidate for anesthesia and surgery.  We also find that as people begin incorporating a more natural form of healing into their own lives, they start seeking it for their animals as well.

What I have gathered from many clients is that there is a disconnect with western medicine.  They might see improvements in their pet’s health, but it is often limited to the treatments provided.  Once those treatments are discontinued, the symptoms typically recur.  So we are dealing with a system that addresses the symptoms and not necessarily the underlying root cause of the issue at hand.  Numerous clients express their frustration in how their pets with chronic disease are managed (i.e. synthetically based medications, surgery, processed diets and chemical overload).

We would like to emphasize that the modalities of treatment I offer are heavily rooted to nutrition (we are firm believers in that what we put into the body will dictate what its optimal function – or demise will be).

We started focussing on pets as well due to a frustration in allopathic management regarding many forms of chronic disease in our pets. Cancer, chronic organ failure, behavioral issues, skin and gastrointestinal disorders, just to name a few, are rampant in our pet populations.

In our studies and practice, I have learned there is something more we can offer – another approach to

analyzing why our pets are suffering so much.  I believe poor nutrition, repeated vaccination and chemical overload are common denominators in our pet populations and can be contributors to poor health.  We realized that we have the ability to offer another dimension to the standard of care that conventional veterinary medicine provides.  In doing so, we need to emphasize and encourage that animal caregivers and the veterinary community embrace these options, not soley as the primary treatment, but incorporating them with conventional medicine and surgical options.