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Are you an NRT or AK practitioner? We would love to collaborate with you!

We would love to show you how to use our supplements for your patients and help you help your patients better and more effective.  As you probably know at any given moment hundreds of ingredients and supplements can test strong for a patient. But in all honestly, should a patient really be taking 30 supplements at a time? Especially if its not really resolving the issue they are dealing with? As being a former Lyme patient and AK practitioner myself, this was a big question for me. We defined this as a supplement loop.  The supplements surely help the patient feel better, but are not really resolving anything.

For example I was being given many supplements for a low Thyroid function, but I knew that if I would resolve my Lyme disease I would not need supplements anymore to support my Thyroid.  In order to find better answers I started posing different questions to the muscle test when I was looking for the ingredients for our protocols. Rather than just asking if something would test strong for me, I would ask if an ingredient would resolve this or that issue.

I also started defining the issues better. Instead of  just testing for Lyme disease, I would narrow the search a lot more by testing a specific ingredient on hundreds different possible Lyme bacteria and Co-Infections. The ingredients we were testing for came out of studies that had already proven itself in various studies.

Through years of studying and endless trials we developed our protocols. Another aspect that is maybe not talked about enough in the practice of NRT and AK, is that it is important as a practitioner to raise your consciousness in order to get better answers. The more you evolve yourself as a practitioner, the better answers you will get. Evolving yourself is the result of your food and health habits, prayer and your moral values. Another aspect of getting better answers is your knowledge. It’s hard to test answers for a certain bacteria we don’t know about. If for example if someone is misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia instead of Lyme disease because the practitioner might not be aware there is Lyme in a certain area, it will be hard to expect to get the correct answers. Or if ingredient X or Y might be really beneficial for the patient, you cannot expect a practitioner to test ingredient X or Y for the patient. Its therefore important we always keep developing and growing ourselves as practitioners, both on spiritual and a knowledge level.
Get in touch with us through beyouintegrativehealth@gmail.com and we look forward collaborating with you!