My own healing story.

Personal Healing Story


I probably had Lyme disease my whole life growing up on the East Coast. First tick bite at age four and then a second infection at age 25. 
Being undiagnosed for many years, doctors told me that I was simply getting old. Another one I heard was that I was depressed and that I just had to get used to pains in my body.  Later on I also was told that I had adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and thyroid problems. In those years I spend a small fortune on all these different supplements treating symptoms, but never the root cause of my disease. Finally at age 32 an applied kinesiology doctor was able to tell me that I had Lyme disease. 

Since then traveled the world to see every doctor possible for treatment.  I did EBOO blood ozone, Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers, antibiotics, homeopathic treatment, herbal treatments, natural, anything and everything.  Suitcases full of supplements, so much money, many times taking one step forward, and far too often two steps back.


After being let down by the medical field and the so called experts, I eventually learned to become my own doctor.  
I dedicated my time towards learning more about applied kinesiology / nutrition response testing / muscle testing. Out of all the supplements that are out there how do you really know what works? Applied Kinesiology helped me get those answers. 

I followed courses in Nutrition Response Testing and trained in applied kinesiology with some of the best doctors out there. I was studying and dedicating a 100% of my time in learning and evolving more in this field. 
When Covid hit I was concerned: “Would I be able to handle both Covid and Lyme disease?” Therefore I started working relentlessly on finding a formula that would be able to help me. I spend months trying all these different formulas, going through medical literature on finding ingredients that would fight Lyme disease. Applied Kinesiology helped me pick the best suppliers, and guided me in compounding the ingredients together. 
Finally, about three years ago I finalized the protocol, and tried it myself.  The day after finishing it, for the first time in probably 15 years, I woke up without pain in my body. In that instant I knew I had done it. I healed my Lyme disease! A month later I was able to get retested, and my test results came back negative, I was really Lyme and symptom free. Since then we first send out the protocol to all friends and family that we knew had Lyme disease, and  it has been a blessing to see people get better! 


Now slowly we are rolling out the protocol with and other doctors and practitioners who use our remedies with their clients.  We’ve seen a lot of success, and it’s been an incredible journey.  We’re so happy to help those who suffer through this silent epidemic.  It’s gratifying to see people regain their health and their lives back.  We’re happy to serve in any way we can.  If there’s anything we can do, please reach out to us, and your welcome to schedule a consult or have a chat with us!

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