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How does a Remote Kinesiology Session work?

Using something called “surrogate” muscle testing, we use the muscles of a third party who is present with the practitioner to do the muscle testing, as a surrogate for the person receiving the treatment. Just the same way as a muscle tests weak when face to face and a practitioner asks your body with clear intention to identify a stress, the third party’s muscle can be used with the clear intention of testing the clients energy system, and in our experience it is very effective.

Actually we find it in our personal experience a bit more effective and objective than testing in person on the patient. When the patient is personally attached to the outcome, the test is harder to do, and a third party can truly be unbiased towards any results. Since covid we moved all our appointments to 100% telehealth appointments with the same great results.

We have an extensive history of dealing with complex and difficult cases, and video and phone sessions could be an effective way to help manage your conditions. We will ask you before any session to send us a list with previous diagnoses you have received and list all medications and supplements you are taking. Then we’ll ask you also for a list of current symptoms and a short health history. With all of this in mind we will formulate a personal treatment plan for you.


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