Inspired by Gary Brecka we have taking a different approach in healing our clients in the last months. Rather then trying to attack the disease, we have been working from the terrain approach. This has been especially  relevant for clients that live with animals and love the outdoors! We would help heal their Lyme disease, but a year later they would get bitten by a tick again, resulting in a reinfection.  So we kept thinking, we should be able to find another solution for this problem!
The idea of terrain theory is to restore the body, and the body itself will be able to heal from the disease. With help of applied kinesiology we can test what deficiencies you have in your body. These deficiencies stem largely from where you grew up, when you were born and your diet as a result of it. Because the soil has been so depleted, the food we eat is also depleted in essential nutrients, This is the result of non organic & mono culture farming.  This varies per state and per country were people grew up! So based on what you have been lacking in your diet, we will start supplementing you with what is lacking, 
The wonderful result is then that you are not only healing yourself from whatever it is that you are struggling with currently, but also protect yourself from future problems, because your body is in balance.
Another interesting thing we have been seeing with clients is that because they were lacking in essential nutrition, this somehow also manifested this lack in other parts of their life. A lack in health, work, even relationships. And then the moment we eliminate this lack in nutrition, it is like the lack in the other parts of our lives also seems to disappear.
Its been a wonderful new direction of our practice and we cannot wait to share our new protocols with you!
Reach out if you want to make an appointment!!!

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